Market your property in January for a spring move

Market your property in January for a spring move

Market your property in January for a spring move

While there is now a high level of demand for property all year round, this wasn’t always the case. It used to be that the property market would be very quiet in winter, with many people waiting until spring had arrived before engaging in the property market. This is no longer the case though and there is a lot to be said for marketing your property in January for a spring move.

Make sure that people know about your property

The first thing you need to do is make sure that people know your property is available during January. There are people looking for homes at this time of year, so the first thing you need to do is get in front of these people. A good estate agent will know where the most likely buyers look for homes, and this should form the basis of your marketing strategy.

When you know who is most likely to buy from you, and where these potential buyers congregate or search for homes, you have the location where you must list your property in order to appeal to as many relevant buyers as possible.

Ensure your property is in great condition

You will find that January is an excellent time of year to sell a home that is in excellent condition. This is because reliable and robust homes stand out and apart from properties that are not of a trustworthy standard of good enough quality. In spring and summer, it is much easier to present a home that looks and feels good.

Warmer temperature and less likelihood of wind and rain ensure that problems are not as prominent in spring and summer. In the winter months, these issues are much more likely and this means bad quality homes will not appeal to potential buyers. If you want to make sure you have a great chance of selling your home in January, upgrade it and ensure its condition provides confidence and comfort to buyers.

Make it easy for people to learn about your property without visiting

While there will be many potential buyers in January, most of them will carry out research from the comfort of their own home. This means you need to ensure your property looks fantastic when it is listed online. You will want to provide a lot of high quality images and you should also provide video walkthroughs and content.

If possible, you can undertake live chat or video viewings of your property. If poor weather conditions make potential buyers less likely to leave their home to visit yours, give them every chance to learn all about your property.

Be mindful of the weather

If you are heading towards a sale, there will be a time when a potential buyer visits your home. This means your home needs to be in great condition, and you should be mindful of the weather. When people enter your home, if they traipse in mud, dirt and water, it can make your home look untidy or dirty. Given that this will occur at the entrance to your home, this can make a bad first impression.

You should look to set up a drying or changing area at the front door where people can remove and store their shoes, take off coats, hats, umbrellas, gloves and any other items which may be wet or damp. Storing these in the correct manner will stop dirt and mud being carried out throughout the house.

Give a warm welcome

If someone arrives at your home in winter, make sure you give them a warm welcome. Your home should be warm and be sure to offer a hot drink and food to all guests. The smell of fresh coffee and baking can have a positive impact on guests, and potential buyers will form a positive impression about what you offer.

There is every reason to market your home in January and if you follow these tips, you will improve the chances of selling your home.