5 Things to Do in Your Garden This Winter

5 Things to Do in Your Garden This Winter

5 Things to Do in Your Garden This Winter

It can be difficult to think of things to do in your garden in the winter. For many people, the idea of sitting inside in front of a log fire is much more appealing than going outside and tinkering around in the garden. For those who love spending time in the garden come rain or shine, we have 5 great things you should do in your garden this winter!

Protect Your Pond

Use fine mesh to cover up your pond to ensure that your pond does not fill up with leaves and block your water circulation system. This can make your water turn foul which may be damaging to any fish, water plants and other wildlife that may inhabit your pond.

Keep Your Tools in Good Condition

Cold, wet and damp conditions could be damaging to your tools. Make sure you have them stored safely in a locked garage or shed so that they remain in good condition for the following seasons.

Make Your Garden Wildlife Friendly

Create a place for hedgehogs to hibernate over the cold days of winter. You can do this by placing a box under a pile of leaves, and securing it with a few logs or planks of wood so that foxes can’t access it. If you’re really tech savvy, you could install a night vision camera inside to monitor any activity in your hibernation box!

For the feathery friends in your garden, hang bird feeders over a paved or decked area so that it’s easy to sweep up any dropped bird food. This will make it easier for you clean up to prevent rats from taking over your garden!

Install Solar Lights

Solar power has developed tenfold in the last few years. Newer models are extremely efficient when it comes to retaining energy, which means they stay light for longer. They are a fantastic way to add a little twinkle to your garden at nighttime. You can arrange them alongside paths and steps so that it’s easier to see where you are going in the darkness of those winter afternoons and evenings.

Preserve Fencing and Shed Panels

Wooden fences and sheds can be vulnerable during winter months for obvious reasons. When wood gets wet for long periods of time, it can lead to it rotting and deteriorating. To ensure that your fence and shed panels are protected from rotting, apply a preservative or waterproof paint. You may even want to consider covering certain areas with tarpaulin to prevent rain from getting there.

We hope these 5 ideas will give you an opportunity to spend some time in your garden this winter. What are your favourite things to do in your garden at wintertime?